To make sure everybody enjoys their stay, there are some rules we follow:


Sea Breeze is constructed with a common and well designed exterior. This means we can not change the look of the outside of the buildings. We can not put up sun blinds, fences etc. On repainting, the same colour have to be used.

Lawns, plantations and the pool area are common ground. These are being maintained by the community keepers and gardners. We can not plant or in other way change these areas. There is a common vegetable garden, where we can grow fruit and vegetables in agreement with the keepers.

Pool area

Please note that the pool is not very deep, diving can be dangerous. Parents need to look after their children. We try to keep nice and clean by the pool.

There are no common deck chairs, we have to bring our own.

We need to avoid getting sand into the pool, please do not bring sandy objects. Shower before entering the pool and use clean swimming clothes.


Sea Breeze is primarily intended for the appartment owners staying on weekly basis. We may of course lend the appartment to family and friends, and we may also rent to foreigners.

For everybody´s comfort, we need to have some rules for renting/lending:

The owner must inform the Landlord in advance about renting.

Renting to one particular guest may not be shorter than five days or longer than a total of eight weeks during one year.

An appartment may not be rented to more than a maximum of six adults and 2 children.

The Landlord may dismiss guests that do not follow the rules.

The owner is responsible for informing guests on rules and other areas concerning security.


We try to keep a lower sound volume after 10 PM.

The fee for common installations is debited on an annual basis.

Questions regarding the Rules

For the time being, the Landlord is happy to explain and clarify on any rule question.

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